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The mandatory insurance s are those are imposed by law and, of course, are compulsory recruitment. Normally, they are linked to activities that may involve a high risk to the integrity of people or things. Therefore, the exercise of the activity is conditioned to the insurance contract.

If you run the risk of doing it without having the insurance, you will be able to receive an administrative sanction of economic type and, in case they cause damages you will not have an insurance that covers the same one, for what it is worth not gambling and complying with the law.

From this and how to hire the mandatory insurance that may interest you we speak to you in this article, in which we trust you discover the details of these mandatory policies.

The obligatory nature of insurance

The obligatory nature of insurance

In Spain, whether an insurance is mandatory or not is set by a Law, a regulation or a collective agreement. In total, in our country there are more than 800 compulsory insurance. In this sense, and with the intention of achieving greater legal security and simplifying in some way its search, the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP) created a Public Obligatory Insurance Registry managed as of January 1, 2016 by the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) in which all compulsory insurance required in the territory of the state is collected regardless of the legislative body that issued it.

How do I know if I have to take out compulsory insurance?

How do I know if I have to take out compulsory insurance?

From the website of the Insurance Compensation Consortium you can access these lists and know all the insurance from different criteria such as the date of entry into force, the activities for which such compulsory insurance is required, the legal rank of the norms that regulate them or the scope of application (state or autonomous) in which they operate.

Now, to give you an idea, here are some of the circumstances that will force you to do so. To make it easier for you to locate them, we have separated them into two groups: those of a labor or professional nature, on the one hand, and those of the personal and private sphere, on the other.

Depending on the professional activity , these insurances may be obligatory:

  • Real estate managers : both appraisers and housing developers must take out compulsory insurance. While in the case of the former, the possible damages derived from an appraisal must be covered -which is, for example, essential for the granting of a mortgage-, the latter must cover their backs before possible material damage or damage to the property. real estate that they manage. In this area, there is also the insurance that is known as “decenal”, which entails a 10-year guarantee on the part of the promoters about possible structural damage that may arise.
  • Insurance for sports professionals . If you are part of a professional federation, that is, if you are a professional of the sport, it will be necessary to hire an insurance against possible damages derived from your activity.
  • Professional societies All those professional societies must take charge, in case of claims or damages to third parties, of the indemnities derived from their civil liability. For this reason, this type of company is obliged to contract an insurance that covers these cases, which may be millionaires.
  • Transport companies . All persons traveling with a transport certificate must be covered by the Compulsory Travel Insurance (SOV). Through this insurance, the person in charge of managing the transport will have covered all those damages derived from the accidents suffered by their passengers, both during the trip, and immediately afterwards.
  • Insurance for individuals in collective agreements . Collective agreements may involve, in some cases, the obligation to the individual to take out life or accident insurance. This certainly depends on the type of activity carried out and the risk profile of it.

In the private and leisure field , these insurances may be mandatory:

  • Mandatory civil liability insurance for motor vehicles : mandatory is not only car insurance (SOA), whose absence is sanctioned with the immobilization of the vehicle and a fine of up to € 3,005, but also insurance for all other motorized land vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.) and marine (recreational or sports boats, jet skis, etc.). Recently, in addition, drones have to be secured, as it was included in Royal Decree-Law 8/2014.
  • Hunting insurance that covers the civil responsibility of the hunters. As stipulated in the 1/1970 Hunting Law, every hunter must have civil liability insurance to compensate for the damages caused to other people during the exercise of hunting.
  • Animals of “potentially” dangerous race . According to the Law 50/1999, of December 23, it is mandatory to ensure against the possession of potentially dangerous animals. Among these animals are some breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, but also other breeds.

As you can see, the obligation lies in different aspects, although in most cases it is about covering the civil responsibility of the professional or the citizen. If you think that due to your professional or private situation you have to hire a compulsory insurance, it is best to request information and to be advised by the one that best suits you.

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