Creditomovil offers fast mini-loans of up to 700 euros with a maximum time of 45 days, although it is possible to request up to 3 extensions of 15 days. To make the request will not be necessary to have a payroll or justify a usual source of income. In addition, cash can be obtained through the Hal-Cash ATM network . Here you have all the information and opinions of Creditomovil.


No Payroll:
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
5 days
45 days
Minimum loan:
€ 50
Maximum loan:
€ 700

Additional Creditomovil information

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 Creditomovil was the first company in Europe to launch the contracting of mini-loans directly through the Internet and telephone. Now it belongs to the Finnish group Ferratum Money, which has a presence in 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, and serves more than one and a half million customers.

In Spain with Creditomovil you can ask for quick returns of up to € 700 with immediate response as they serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

One of its main advantages is the possibility of getting the money directly in cash with Hal-Cash to pick it up without a card at any ATM, you can also receive the money in a checking account.

With Creditomovil’s quick mini-loans it is possible to obtain up to a maximum of 700 euros , although for new clients only 300 can be obtained on the first loan. The return time is from 5 to 45 days , being a maximum of 30 if it is your first request.

If you see that you will not be able to pay within the agreed time, it is also possible to request extensions of 15 days up to 3 times. For this you will have to notify as much as 5 days before the due date and pay the credit fees that you wish to extend.

How to apply for a loan at Creditomovil in 10 minutes

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In order to apply for a loan with Creditomovil the requirements are very few . You will have to be over 25 years old and not appear on the Asnef list of delinquent and unpaid bills. You will need to have a valid Spanish identity document (DNI or NIE) and a bank account in a financial institution that operates in Spain. It will not be necessary to have a payroll or justify a usual source of income. It is not necessary to send any type of documentation since these mini credits are paperless because Creditomovil incorporates modern technology to verify your identity online and in real time, so they can respond instantly. To request the money enter the website and select the amount and the term:

The next step is to fill in your personal data and contact information. Then you will receive a reply via SMS communicating if the online mini credit is pre-approved, if so, the process ends and you receive the money. Remember that you can request one of Creditomovil’s credits at any time and from any place since you will get the money even on holidays or weekends thanks to its 24/7 concession system.

The quick mini-loans are useful for times of need , if we need a small amount of money to finish the month, to pay unexpected bills or unforeseen expenses that come at a time when we do not have the liquidity to face them. But it is convenient to remember that you should not abuse them because they are an expensive resource.

Advantages of Creditomovil’s Quick Loans

Being the pioneers of the sector means that they always go ahead and offer a better service to their customers. You have several aspects in which Creditomovil stands out about the direct competition in the online mini-lending sector that exists in Spain. Its main advantages are:

  • Amount and term: your mini-credits are of an amount higher than the market average and you can ask for up to € 700 when the competition does not usually exceed € 400 or € 500 credits, but also have the longest term with 45 days, 50% superior to the rest.
  • 24/7 System: Creditomovil has automatic systems to be able to grant loans at any time of any day and it is not necessary to send any documentation. In this way you can get money very quickly at any time 24 hours a day including holidays or weekends.
  • Promotions: on the web, interesting offers such as discounts of 35% in interest or 2×1 loans tend to be active to get a free credit for each credit paid. This allows savings for people who usually use this type of service.
  • Hal-Cash: this service allows customers to withdraw money at a cashier without needing a card and without the money passing through their bank account. It is very useful for people who do not want to have money in the account, for example in cases where the account is negative or they can not withdraw the money because they have lost the card or have it blocked.


You can verify these advantages by comparing with other loans in the section of fast credits of the web in which we specify to the detail the conditions of all the companies of the sector.

Cash instantly with Hal-Cash

Cash instantly with Hal-Cash

Apart from being able to dispose of money without payroll, the other main advantage of Creditomovil is the possibility of obtaining cash through the network of Hal-Cash ATMs . In this way we can collect the money immediately after the request is accepted at any of the dispensers that you can find very close.

The Hal-Cash network encompasses a series of Spanish financial institutions, among which are Bankinter, Banco Popular, ING Direct, Novagalicia Bank and Bankia, so you will surely find an ATM of one of these banks near you.

If you prefer to obtain the income directly, depending on your bank the money can arrive immediately or take up to 48 hours.

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