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Only phone calls: Are there pure landline connections yet?

In the last ten years, the number of call minutes has steadily dropped. Accordingly, pure landline connections are becoming increasingly rare.

Switching to IP connection: This changes for the end devices

The conversion of analogue connections to IP technology is progressing. But not every device can be used without problems.

What to do with old phones, computers and phones?

Whether mobile phone, TV or computer, at some point technical equipment will break down and have to be taken out of service. One thing is certain: they do not belong in the garbage can – but where does it go?

Who actually invented the phone?

The phone can now look back on a 150-year history – but what does this look like?

Is the phone book entry from the point of view of data protection questionable?

Much more problematic than often assumed can be an entry in the phone book, after all, there are also private data freely available, which can be accessed by anyone.

Tariff zones: As with call-by-call is billed

What many call-by-call users are not aware of: It may happen that the minute rate for a phone call changes during the call.

Typing can be expensive with call-by-call

A zero in voting is missing, and already the conversation costs many times more. Why typing in the area code can be expensive, read here.

Telephone Fraud: How to Respond to Fraudulent Calls

Telephone fraudsters are increasingly turning their attention to consumers’ money. However, these are not defenseless to the lock calls. Quick action is required.

What to do if the phone bill is wrong?

What exactly is to be done when a bill is listed on the bill that was never held, or the bill is incorrect?

Call-by-call: make cheap calls and avoid rip-offs

With Call-by-Call, you do not make phone calls through your telephone provider; instead, you dial into the telephone network using a provider that is independent of your connection.

What’s in Preselection?

Preselection contracts are designed to help call-by-call customers not always have to pick the cheapest pre-code, but always to be able to make calls on favorable terms.

How to save with call-by-call

Anyone who has a landline connection of Deutsche Telekom, can save a lot of money with cheap pre-primaries.

Practical or styleless – covers for the mobile phone

Bags for mobile phones are increasingly on the rise. What should one pay attention to?

Telephone switching providers

Due to the DSL provider change you can often achieve big savings. Learn what to look for when changing DSL providers.

ISDN or analog?

What are the differences between an analogue connection and ISDN?

telemarketing calls

Consumer tips on the topic of unsolicited advertising calls.

Cordless phones: Tips for buying

When buying cordless phones, you can easily be dazzled by design and brand. Here’s what cordless phones really are about.

Telephone flat rate: calls at a flat rate

Telephone flatrates are the first choice for frequent callers. The cheapest is a telephone flatrate in connection with a DSL complete package.

The Verivox Contract Manager: Your Contracts, Expenses and Terms at a Glance!


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