It seems that money does give happiness

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That money does not buy happiness is an affirmation that tries to console all those who do not have a comfortable financial comfort. Although it seems that the deep-rooted affirmation is nothing more than a myth .

A new study indicates that those who enjoy a buoyant current account have a better mood. ” Money facilitates the creation of pleasurable sensations in our brain. As Woody Allen said, it is a color photocopy of happiness that is very difficult to distinguish from the original, “says José Antonio Portellano, clinical psychologist and full professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

More money, more social relations

The link between money and happiness is one of the favorite fields of study in psychology and, unfortunately, the evidence points to the fact that having potential is an important trigger for well-being .

But in this case, the aforementioned research has focused on its relationship with one of the most basic human needs: contact . Their results show that the higher the income, the lower the feeling of loneliness.

Among its results, it is shown that this correlation is especially strong among middle-aged adults . “Money is more important in this phase than in younger or older people, as well as professional status,” the authors said in a statement. It seems that having a good job is also a lifesaver against loneliness in this phase.

In a capitalist society in which consumption is one of its essential drivers, having freedom of credit guarantees a relief to the tensions caused by the bills.

“Having economic security makes it easier for us to do other things that are more rewarding and, therefore, achieve higher levels of emotional well-being, an essential requirement to be happy,” says Portellano.

The higher the income, the lower the feeling of loneliness”

The expert also indicates that there are differential cognitive factors in each person that make the perception of money different , as a consequence of the educational style or personality.

But for the majority of those who live in Western societies, money is at least an essential factor in guaranteeing basic living conditions . “Even when you have a state of emotional well-being, economic stability increases pleasurable sensations,” he adds.

There is a branch of psychology, called positive, that departs from the relationship between material and well-being. “It is based on the belief that people want to lead a full and meaningful life to cultivate what is good for them and improve their experiences of love, work and leisure,” according to the Center for Positive Psychology of the University. of Pennsylvania.

“When material needs are well covered, other factors such as feelings, self-esteem and the meaning of life intervene . From a point both curves do not go together “, explains the professor of the Complutense University.

The increase in wealth has negligible effects on personal happiness “

For his part, Martin Seligman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and promoter of this current account in his book Authentic Happiness – with a more restrictive view: “The increase in wealth has negligible effects on personal happiness .”

The author states in the aforementioned book that there are a large number of internal circumstances that are under the control of the will . “If you decide to change them, your level of happiness is likely to increase in a lasting way,” says Seligman in the volume.

Better than living in the hope that the lottery knocks on your door, happiness can be worked with tools that, as Seligman indicates, are at our fingertips: reduce levels of anxiety, with techniques such as meditation, and give importance to the small pleasures of day to day are some of them.

“When a person is able to increase pleasurable sensations in the face of small events , we facilitate the perception of well-being and contribute to improving happiness. This is what has been called Intelligent Optimism “, concludes Portellano.

Types of investment funds

Knowing what investment funds are available in the market and how they are classified can be interesting when making the decision to invest our money in a fund or several investment funds. With this idea in mind, we will be looking at the different types of investment funds that exist, which are their characteristics and which investor profile is the most appropriate to enter them. For this we are going to focus, mainly, on the investment vocation of the fund, that is, on what assets they invest. Let’s start:

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income funds are those that invest most of their assets in fixed income assets, the evolution of interest rates being the factor that will most influence the evolution of these funds. The shorter the maturity term of the assets in which the fund invests, the lower the risk and therefore the lower profitability. On the contrary, the longer term of the assets, the greater the associated risk and the greater potential profitability.

These funds are especially indicated for investors with a conservative profile, who are willing to obtain reduced returns in exchange for greater peace of mind, derived from the fact of assuming a lower risk.

Equity Funds

Equity funds invest most of their assets in variable income assets (shares). Contrary to what happens with fixed income funds, equity funds offer higher potential returns, since the risk is also higher.

Subcategories are usually established within equity funds, depending on the market in which they invest (Spain, eurozone, USA …), depending on the sectors in which they invest (technological, financial …), or depending on other characteristics of the market. the values in which they invest (size of the company …).

Due to their characteristics, variable income funds are recommended to a determined investor profile, since they assume greater risks during the investment, which may lead to higher potential returns.

Mixed-Income Funds

The Mixed-Income funds diversify the investment, investing part of their assets in fixed income assets and part in variable income. It is especially important to know these proportions since this will determine the risk associated with the fund and therefore the potential return.

Following the foregoing, the higher the percentage invested in fixed income, the lower the risk and the lower the potential return, while the higher the percentage invested in variable income, the greater the theoretical risk and the possible return that we take out of our money.

Mixed-Income funds are products intended for all types of investor profiles, from the most conservative to the most determined, depending on the percentage assigned to fixed and variable income.

Global Wallpapers

These funds do not have a precise definition of their investment policy. Therefore, they do not fit into the categories mentioned above. These funds are free not to set in advance the percentages that invest in fixed income or variable income, the currency in which the assets in which they invest are denominated or the geographical distribution of the investment.

Because of all this, Global funds have associated high levels of risk.

Know all our funds and choose the one that best suits your needs: more information

Guaranteed funds

These funds ensure, at a certain date, the conservation of the capital invested initially. However, not all guarantee the obtaining of an additional profitability. There are two types of guaranteed funds:

  • Guaranteed funds of fixed income. These funds guarantee the capital invested initially and usually also ensure a fixed return on the expiration date of the guarantee.
  • Guaranteed equity funds. These funds guarantee the capital initially invested plus a return linked (totally or partially) to the evolution of shares, stock markets, indices, currencies or other investment funds. If the markets do not evolve as expected or if certain conditions set out in the fund prospectus are not met, the venturer will not obtain any additional returns.

In general, these funds usually require the client to keep their money invested for a long period of time.

The risk associated with this type of funds is quite small, which makes them suitable for investors with a conservative profile.

Distribution or Distribution Funds

These funds distribute dividends to their participants periodically (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually). The amount of the same depends on the dividends distributed by the companies in which the investment fund invests. This, on the one hand, favors the investor’s liquidity and, on the other, makes him pay taxes on the dividends received.

Accumulation Funds

These funds do not distribute dividends to their participants. The manager reinvests in the fund the dividends it receives from the companies in which it invests. This makes the net asset value of the fund grow progressively.

Other types of funds

There are other types of funds with peculiar characteristics, for example in terms of their legal form, liquidity, assets in which they invest or strategies they use. Among them, we find ETFs, Funds of Funds, Hedge Funds and Real Estate Investment Funds. Certain aspects of the general regulations are not applied to these funds.

It is important to know the investment policy of the fund since this will allow the investor to choose the fund that best suits their expectations, economic situation, and risk profile.

Resuscitate the broken appliance with a credit instantly

It is a disgrace for us to break an appliance. Apart from the love factor that sometimes exists, we have to add the surprise factor that leaves us without that function. The daily and necessary actions, such as putting a washing machine, are drawn as something impossible. The solution, without a doubt, is to fix it as soon as possible, but how? If we have an unforeseen event like this, with which our economic management did not count, we can get an immediate extra liquidity with a credit instantly. A loan of these can shorten our period of orphans and revive the appliance that, unfortunately, abandoned us.
Best quick credits

If it breaks, it is fixed with a quick mini credit

Image result for quickWhen something stops working it does not warn previously. That is why, in doing our financial management of the month, if something spoils us, we will not have had that extra capital to fix this breakdown would mean. This, therefore, can create liquidity problems to bear this month with surprise.

It should be noted that, for these cases, credits were designed instantly, a way to get fast money that helps us deal with unexpected expenses immediately. Here are some of the best examples of a credit instantly:

Lender Max. Cost of € 100 to 30 days Advantage I’m interested
Minicrédito Vivus Up to € 300 for new customers € 0 First mini-credit for free
Apply for
Minicrédito QuéBueno Up to € 300 for new customers € 25.20 15% discount with code HELP18QB
Apply for
Wonga Minicredit Up to € 300 for new customers € 0 Free the first mini-credit if it is reimbursed in 15 days
Apply for

This type of online mini loans we say are immediate, since the transfer process only lasts 15 minutes. In other words, if we request these credits instantly to finance ourselves, we can repair our damage as soon as possible.

Precisely because of this characteristic, that of resolving unexpected expenses, they also present a short repayment period of 30 days maximum. This, taking into account that, the next month we can return the loan to collect the payroll and not have to face another extra expense, we would not present any problem. However, there is the error of requesting a quick mini loan for the lack of recurrent liquidity that, as a consequence, creates an indebtedness.

As we have said, these products are for contingencies and we should not use them for other purposes. Each economic aspect has its most suitable financing product.

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Creditomovil offers fast mini-loans of up to 700 euros with a maximum time of 45 days, although it is possible to request up to 3 extensions of 15 days. To make the request will not be necessary to have a payroll or justify a usual source of income. In addition, cash can be obtained through the Hal-Cash ATM network . Here you have all the information and opinions of Creditomovil.


No Payroll:
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
5 days
45 days
Minimum loan:
€ 50
Maximum loan:
€ 700

Additional Creditomovil information

<span id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_LeftColumnContent_lblMoreInfo">Additional Creditomovil information</span>

 Creditomovil was the first company in Europe to launch the contracting of mini-loans directly through the Internet and telephone. Now it belongs to the Finnish group Ferratum Money, which has a presence in 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, and serves more than one and a half million customers.

In Spain with Creditomovil you can ask for quick returns of up to € 700 with immediate response as they serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

One of its main advantages is the possibility of getting the money directly in cash with Hal-Cash to pick it up without a card at any ATM, you can also receive the money in a checking account.

With Creditomovil’s quick mini-loans it is possible to obtain up to a maximum of 700 euros , although for new clients only 300 can be obtained on the first loan. The return time is from 5 to 45 days , being a maximum of 30 if it is your first request.

If you see that you will not be able to pay within the agreed time, it is also possible to request extensions of 15 days up to 3 times. For this you will have to notify as much as 5 days before the due date and pay the credit fees that you wish to extend.

How to apply for a loan at Creditomovil in 10 minutes

Image result for 10 minutes

In order to apply for a loan with Creditomovil the requirements are very few . You will have to be over 25 years old and not appear on the Asnef list of delinquent and unpaid bills. You will need to have a valid Spanish identity document (DNI or NIE) and a bank account in a financial institution that operates in Spain. It will not be necessary to have a payroll or justify a usual source of income. It is not necessary to send any type of documentation since these mini credits are paperless because Creditomovil incorporates modern technology to verify your identity online and in real time, so they can respond instantly. To request the money enter the website and select the amount and the term:

The next step is to fill in your personal data and contact information. Then you will receive a reply via SMS communicating if the online mini credit is pre-approved, if so, the process ends and you receive the money. Remember that you can request one of Creditomovil’s credits at any time and from any place since you will get the money even on holidays or weekends thanks to its 24/7 concession system.

The quick mini-loans are useful for times of need , if we need a small amount of money to finish the month, to pay unexpected bills or unforeseen expenses that come at a time when we do not have the liquidity to face them. But it is convenient to remember that you should not abuse them because they are an expensive resource.

Advantages of Creditomovil’s Quick Loans

Being the pioneers of the sector means that they always go ahead and offer a better service to their customers. You have several aspects in which Creditomovil stands out about the direct competition in the online mini-lending sector that exists in Spain. Its main advantages are:

  • Amount and term: your mini-credits are of an amount higher than the market average and you can ask for up to € 700 when the competition does not usually exceed € 400 or € 500 credits, but also have the longest term with 45 days, 50% superior to the rest.
  • 24/7 System: Creditomovil has automatic systems to be able to grant loans at any time of any day and it is not necessary to send any documentation. In this way you can get money very quickly at any time 24 hours a day including holidays or weekends.
  • Promotions: on the web, interesting offers such as discounts of 35% in interest or 2×1 loans tend to be active to get a free credit for each credit paid. This allows savings for people who usually use this type of service.
  • Hal-Cash: this service allows customers to withdraw money at a cashier without needing a card and without the money passing through their bank account. It is very useful for people who do not want to have money in the account, for example in cases where the account is negative or they can not withdraw the money because they have lost the card or have it blocked.


You can verify these advantages by comparing with other loans in the section of fast credits of the web in which we specify to the detail the conditions of all the companies of the sector.

Cash instantly with Hal-Cash

Cash instantly with Hal-Cash

Apart from being able to dispose of money without payroll, the other main advantage of Creditomovil is the possibility of obtaining cash through the network of Hal-Cash ATMs . In this way we can collect the money immediately after the request is accepted at any of the dispensers that you can find very close.

The Hal-Cash network encompasses a series of Spanish financial institutions, among which are Bankinter, Banco Popular, ING Direct, Novagalicia Bank and Bankia, so you will surely find an ATM of one of these banks near you.

If you prefer to obtain the income directly, depending on your bank the money can arrive immediately or take up to 48 hours.

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What insurance are required


The mandatory insurance s are those are imposed by law and, of course, are compulsory recruitment. Normally, they are linked to activities that may involve a high risk to the integrity of people or things. Therefore, the exercise of the activity is conditioned to the insurance contract.

If you run the risk of doing it without having the insurance, you will be able to receive an administrative sanction of economic type and, in case they cause damages you will not have an insurance that covers the same one, for what it is worth not gambling and complying with the law.

From this and how to hire the mandatory insurance that may interest you we speak to you in this article, in which we trust you discover the details of these mandatory policies.

The obligatory nature of insurance

The obligatory nature of insurance

In Spain, whether an insurance is mandatory or not is set by a Law, a regulation or a collective agreement. In total, in our country there are more than 800 compulsory insurance. In this sense, and with the intention of achieving greater legal security and simplifying in some way its search, the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP) created a Public Obligatory Insurance Registry managed as of January 1, 2016 by the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS) in which all compulsory insurance required in the territory of the state is collected regardless of the legislative body that issued it.

How do I know if I have to take out compulsory insurance?

How do I know if I have to take out compulsory insurance?

From the website of the Insurance Compensation Consortium you can access these lists and know all the insurance from different criteria such as the date of entry into force, the activities for which such compulsory insurance is required, the legal rank of the norms that regulate them or the scope of application (state or autonomous) in which they operate.

Now, to give you an idea, here are some of the circumstances that will force you to do so. To make it easier for you to locate them, we have separated them into two groups: those of a labor or professional nature, on the one hand, and those of the personal and private sphere, on the other.

Depending on the professional activity , these insurances may be obligatory:

  • Real estate managers : both appraisers and housing developers must take out compulsory insurance. While in the case of the former, the possible damages derived from an appraisal must be covered -which is, for example, essential for the granting of a mortgage-, the latter must cover their backs before possible material damage or damage to the property. real estate that they manage. In this area, there is also the insurance that is known as “decenal”, which entails a 10-year guarantee on the part of the promoters about possible structural damage that may arise.
  • Insurance for sports professionals . If you are part of a professional federation, that is, if you are a professional of the sport, it will be necessary to hire an insurance against possible damages derived from your activity.
  • Professional societies All those professional societies must take charge, in case of claims or damages to third parties, of the indemnities derived from their civil liability. For this reason, this type of company is obliged to contract an insurance that covers these cases, which may be millionaires.
  • Transport companies . All persons traveling with a transport certificate must be covered by the Compulsory Travel Insurance (SOV). Through this insurance, the person in charge of managing the transport will have covered all those damages derived from the accidents suffered by their passengers, both during the trip, and immediately afterwards.
  • Insurance for individuals in collective agreements . Collective agreements may involve, in some cases, the obligation to the individual to take out life or accident insurance. This certainly depends on the type of activity carried out and the risk profile of it.

In the private and leisure field , these insurances may be mandatory:

  • Mandatory civil liability insurance for motor vehicles : mandatory is not only car insurance (SOA), whose absence is sanctioned with the immobilization of the vehicle and a fine of up to € 3,005, but also insurance for all other motorized land vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.) and marine (recreational or sports boats, jet skis, etc.). Recently, in addition, drones have to be secured, as it was included in Royal Decree-Law 8/2014.
  • Hunting insurance that covers the civil responsibility of the hunters. As stipulated in the 1/1970 Hunting Law, every hunter must have civil liability insurance to compensate for the damages caused to other people during the exercise of hunting.
  • Animals of “potentially” dangerous race . According to the Law 50/1999, of December 23, it is mandatory to ensure against the possession of potentially dangerous animals. Among these animals are some breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, but also other breeds.

As you can see, the obligation lies in different aspects, although in most cases it is about covering the civil responsibility of the professional or the citizen. If you think that due to your professional or private situation you have to hire a compulsory insurance, it is best to request information and to be advised by the one that best suits you.

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Ottawa Payday Loans-How To Settle The Never Ending Mortgage Amount

Almost everything in this world has a good part and a bad side

Oftentimes, this stuff determines whether one idea or even undertaking is worth the risk delete word. This is also true with payday loans. The phrase ‘payday loan’ is derived from the term payday wherein you will pay back the loan on the mentioned time.

The entry associated with online lenders has totally changed the whole loan market in the united kingdom. Now, a borrower may access an infinite number of loan companies at one time without even relocating from one place to another. What you ought to have is a computer furnished with payday loans Internet, that’s it.

When it’s almost all said and done, this particular loan’s interest rate may be just one cash advance’s but be sure you understand the bank’s fees. A person wouldn’t want this deal to cost you more than executing a credit card cash advance.

One thing to understand about the fast payday loans you can get almost anyplace is that they are going to be expensive. What this means is the interest rate is greater than you would find with any kind of bank, even if you were high-risk and they did not want to mortgage to you. Some rates move as high as 50 or more %. If you are not sure what this means, request the person giving the mortgage to give you real numbers. Inquire what amount, including curiosity, you are going to have to pay back and just how often. This can help you decide if you want the money that badly deletes word.

To get there they need to apply the annual percentage rate, or even APR, to the loan, which usually produces a much different price than what the customer really paid

After one minute of the application distribution, you will receive an email upon whether you will be approved. Once you are approved, you will be questioned to provide the bank account information. The particular loan agreement will be provided in the account immediately after a person sign into your account. In case you surf the internet, you will find that numerous creditors advertise payday loans simply no credit check.

There is a need for you to become conscious of the limit pounds that is obtainable for use. These funds can range from 80 to 1, 500. Furthermore, the cash is predetermined to be used only up to a month. Hence, the time period for which the money can be access should not surpass 1 to 30 days.

To send an online payday loan application the particular application must be over eighteen years old, this is always needed. One thing you might want to find out as if you are being charged additionally for a no credit check along with an online payday loan you remove. You can get an online payday loan without setting foot out of your home.

Same Time Cash Get Loans Authorized Instantly

Have you been caught in certain financial emergencies?

Want to get reduce them all at once? If so, instantly the payday loans no credit score checking are there to help ease the particular fiscal problems. These financial loans are designed to provide financial assistance for all people with adverse credit ratings and even others who reside as paying guests because there is no security involved mortgage instead. Here you have to make an application for the loan and get the setting on your portfolio soon.

Certain preconditions are to be followed by the debtors while applying for these financial loans that are as follows: He should be adult of 18 many years with the citizenship of that nation. He must be a permanent worker and earning up to $1200 or more per month and possesses a legitimate active checking account in a financial institution there. These easy loans could be taken for a small financial aid that varies through $100-$1500.

For anyone who suffers from the economic crisis, this is the right time to attempt to avail benefits of easy payday loans. This has already been a very good source to conquer the financial problem.

The best part with a bad credit score unsecured personal loan is that you do not have to put your property at risk. Therefore, the tenants will have an excellent opportunity to avail finances easy payday loans without bothering about the threat associated with repossession.

Make a calendar

No requirement to buy one since you will need 2, and you can make them at home. Create a nice template and allow it to be for weekly and month-to-month postings. Make sure that the diary is able to hold new plus updated notes and other varieties of reminders.

There are several military loans accessible. Some are good for anyone in the different form of the armed forces. Another medication is for individual branches. You may get Air Force loans in case you are a member of the Air Push, Marine loans for the marine corps, Navy loans for the Navy blue, and so forth. No matter how you provide, you can get loan service.

There is an online application treatment and this is available at all times. Therefore no matter how inopportune ones require of money may be, he can make an application for SMS loans and get authorization in minutes. Some information like his name, age plus contact number has to be offered. After the form is obtained by lenders they provide the money immediately.

Landline advisor

Picture: Money
Useful tips and background information on the subject of landline


Only phone calls: Are there pure landline connections yet?

In the last ten years, the number of call minutes has steadily dropped. Accordingly, pure landline connections are becoming increasingly rare.

Switching to IP connection: This changes for the end devices

The conversion of analogue connections to IP technology is progressing. But not every device can be used without problems.

What to do with old phones, computers and phones?

Whether mobile phone, TV or computer, at some point technical equipment will break down and have to be taken out of service. One thing is certain: they do not belong in the garbage can – but where does it go?

Who actually invented the phone?

The phone can now look back on a 150-year history – but what does this look like?

Is the phone book entry from the point of view of data protection questionable?

Much more problematic than often assumed can be an entry in the phone book, after all, there are also private data freely available, which can be accessed by anyone.

Tariff zones: As with call-by-call is billed

What many call-by-call users are not aware of: It may happen that the minute rate for a phone call changes during the call.

Typing can be expensive with call-by-call

A zero in voting is missing, and already the conversation costs many times more. Why typing in the area code can be expensive, read here.

Telephone Fraud: How to Respond to Fraudulent Calls

Telephone fraudsters are increasingly turning their attention to consumers’ money. However, these are not defenseless to the lock calls. Quick action is required.

What to do if the phone bill is wrong?

What exactly is to be done when a bill is listed on the bill that was never held, or the bill is incorrect?

Call-by-call: make cheap calls and avoid rip-offs

With Call-by-Call, you do not make phone calls through your telephone provider; instead, you dial into the telephone network using a provider that is independent of your connection.

What’s in Preselection?

Preselection contracts are designed to help call-by-call customers not always have to pick the cheapest pre-code, but always to be able to make calls on favorable terms.

How to save with call-by-call

Anyone who has a landline connection of Deutsche Telekom, can save a lot of money with cheap pre-primaries.

Practical or styleless – covers for the mobile phone

Bags for mobile phones are increasingly on the rise. What should one pay attention to?

Telephone switching providers

Due to the DSL provider change you can often achieve big savings. Learn what to look for when changing DSL providers.

ISDN or analog?

What are the differences between an analogue connection and ISDN?

telemarketing calls

Consumer tips on the topic of unsolicited advertising calls.

Cordless phones: Tips for buying

When buying cordless phones, you can easily be dazzled by design and brand. Here’s what cordless phones really are about.

Telephone flat rate: calls at a flat rate

Telephone flatrates are the first choice for frequent callers. The cheapest is a telephone flatrate in connection with a DSL complete package.

The Verivox Contract Manager: Your Contracts, Expenses and Terms at a Glance!


Switch over Verivox
The number one in the energy sector presents itself: Verivox is the largest independent consumer portal for energy in Germany. In addition, Verivox offers tariff comparisons for telecommunications, insurance and finance.

nted, but can not guarantee this or the performance of the provider.

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